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  1. Train your riders

    ya Derg changed his team... but he WAS at 101M..
  2. Train your riders

    According to my calculation Guiness and Derg are overspending. pls check that.
  3. [2017 Season 1] Tripeiros

    I had played seasons with you guys before.. but this is the first time i make my own team.. and here are Tripeiros
  4. Train your riders

    Badboys Classics - GIlbert Tours - Pinot Mountains - Foliforov and Vervaecke Flat - Von Hoff
  5. Transfermarket - Picking riders

    D, Page S. Von Hoff F. Figueiredo C. Jimenez
  6. Transfermarket - Picking riders

    A. Foliforov T. Merlier
  7. Transfermarket - Picking riders

    Portuguese Rui Sousa for Tripeiros.
  8. Transfermarket - Picking riders

    i tried that.. but it didnt worked for @luon.. so i tought i did something wrong..
  9. Transfermarket - Picking riders

    P. Gilbert Dont know how to quote the next.
  10. Subscription teams

    Pcm name : Badboytripeiro Tean Name : Tripeiros Team Shirt : W52 FcPorto Nationallity of your team : Portugal