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  1. Van mij mag je gerust mijn plaats innemen. Ik ben er niet vanavond. @Appeltaart
  2. Teamname: Team Belgium Teamcaptain + nationality: Coach: @Michiel910715, Mental Coach: @Evert Players + nationalities: denberre (Belgium), Messi (Belgium), Monsieurkauwgomballenboom (Belgium) , Nvdb (Belgium), Scuderia (Belgium), Stinooo (Belgium) & TheSim (Belgium) Hosts of the team: denberre, Messi & TheSim Shirt of the team: Coming soon, we are still in negotiations with the sponsors @Bart @Messi @LSDS @Nvdb @Scuderia @Stinooo @The_Sim
  3. It is not so difficult to explain. It is not a teamevent. It is impossible to play 200m in team. So it is normal that we play no soloevents in a team world cup.
  4. Online Nickname: denberre Nationality: Belgium Host (Yes or No): Yes I want to play as 2nd chance: Tours
  5. Zot, blijf eens in de finale jij.
  6. You have to say something... Sure i'm right. The solution is read the rules about blocks and there where no problems. The rules are clear.
  7. You where also not in the game. And points race is totally different. Eveything is possible in the last sprint. There you have to go always full until the finish.