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  1. Important information

    The Online Career of this year will end with this season. There will be no second season. When this forum gets PCM18 keys, one key will be sent to the winner of this season. We made this decisision because motivation and available time of players and organisation was too low to organise a good online event. We apologize for our absence. We got pretty busy as well and we don't see a future for a next online career season organised this way. The most fair option is to end it after raceday 19 t/m 24 and we hope to still do some fun races! This does not mean that our forum ends organising PCM events. There will be some smaller events. @Xedric Kaes @Supermario @Eternity @tijs02 @Luon @floxing @Slomy @frico241 @Mark1987 @Ruben Slootweg @Evert @Edox @Jimski @Bart @Scuderia @Batyuci @Raion @Jeis @gesink1 @zapatah99 @Badboytripeiro @Enreda @josepepe @aka_muppet @pierociaca @Davi @Nvdb The calendar of the Online Career will end with this races:
  2. (Raceday 19) Tour de France

    Raceday 19 Tour de France: 20-11 1. Düsseldorf- Düsseldorf (14.0km) tt 2. Nantua- Chambéry (180.5km) Mountain 3. Montgeron- Paris Champs Elysées (120.4km) flat Database: Bad ai: Rules: Inhoud verbergen The general rules do apply:
  3. International Track cup

    @Messi @suigfdhuibsyret @Scuderia @Evert @tijs02 @Edox @Mark1987 @Pliox @Appeltaart @Jimski @The_Sim @Bart @Stinooo @Jarne @kacem @LSDS @Stijn_D-V @Gillett @vikingator @Lehmay @freire28 @Nvdb @Jeis @Speedyben @Xedric Kaes @Evert Vullers @Glenn Verlaecke_ @Kampers @bochato @Badboytripeiro @edk2 @josepereira @Diomatron @Dr. Lecter @JimmyGZ @Davids10 @Enreda @josepepe @Koloko @joe87 @BerreFlits @Jokke026 @kleurendoof @yocko @TurboJurbo @pichii @Ardennais @Julichbob
  4. Organization The following communities, the same that organize Champions League, organize track Cup by PCM Champions League Cycling Manager Italia PCM Focus PCM Spain PCM Village RSM News PCM Russia PCMWorld The multiplayer staff of those communities compose the organization. Subscriptions The tournament is compulsory a team tournament from 4 to 8 players each, with 4 players required to be present during each evening. Subscriptions will close before the competition starting. To subscribe the Team Captain must fulfill the following module Is compulsory that at least one member of each team can host a track game. Every player can join one team and one team only Team captains can edit team members after the subscription if there are empty spots, simply editing their subscription, before subscription closing At least one team per member must join the PCM Gamecenter Discord at the address to register the presence of their team at 20.15 CEST You can follow all the updates about the competition on the communities and on the Facebook page of Pro Cycling Manager Champions League Subscriptions will close on 9/12, h 23.59 Dates Track Cup by PCM Champions League runs from 11 to 23 December. Open room will be at 20.30 CET Room creations At 20.15 CET at least one member of the team must be present on discord and register the presence of that team for that evening. At 20.30 CET the team list for that day will be registered and closed and rooms are made. After the room publication on Discord and Facebook at 20.30 CET room must be opened online by the host for each game. Host can launch the game when all the room members are present. Maximum depart time is set 15’ after the room creation. Passed this time host must launch the game even if not all the room members are present. It’s possible to postpone the start of further 10 minutes if one of the following two conditions apply An organization member order it A player asks for it and the majority of the room members agreed Database and rider Choice There will be different database regarding the discipline. The db will be a 10-10-10 ladder, published under the Champions League logo on the Steam Workshop. Every user will got a personal rider with his team jerseys for the team games and will play with his national or custom jerseys for the individual games Jerseys Customizations Admitted Current WC in Track are admitted to play with the rainbow jerseys during those discipline in individual games Past WC in Track are admitted to have rainbow jersey edges on the arms on each discipline in individual games Current Champions League Champions in Track are admitted to play with the European jersey during those disciplines in individual games Current National Champions in charge at 11/12/2017 are admitted to play with their country national Champions jersey during those discipline in individual games Past National Champions in charge at 11/12/2017 are admitted to have nc-flag jersey edges on the arms on each discipline in individual games All the others can play in individual games with a custom jerseys at their choice or their National Team jersey Riders will play with team jerseys in team games regarding their WC-EC-NC status You have to upload jerseys there: Crash and resettling If a player crash during the start, game will be resettled until all players are there. A player can claim “bug” until the second lap of the game has been completed (first for keirin) and the game will be resettled. Regarding the situation, a player has a right of two crash/reset for each evening. At the third time the room won’t be resettled for that player. FAIR RULE: if a player is eliminated at the first time (after 2 laps) on an elimination race game will be resettled because most of the time is due to a IA block Room Re-enter When, for whatever reason, a game is reset (for example, following a crash), game must be restarted until 3 minutes after the new room reopening. If one player was not in the room at the moment of the original launch but joins the room after the crash, he has the right to play the game. If a player was in the game at the moment of the reset but does not join the new room before 3 minutes after the crash, the game can be relaunched without him. Postponements Only the organization can postpone games to other date or times. If there are troubles, of any sort, host of the room must ask the organization explaining motivations. In case of postponements of one stage, the stage will be recovered at 20.00 CEST of the day after or 20.30 CEST if it is a rest day. Replay and exports After every race host must send screenshots of the game to the address so organization can compute the points or uploading it on Discord Other players must make screenshots of the ranking and send on request for complaints. Host must wait to close the game to let other players take screenshots. In case of controversial, jury can only decide basing on replay and screenshots. No reclaims are accepted without any material proof. Competition General Rules General game-playing rules Each player is free to play as he wants, according to the game’s possibilities, Blocks are allowed It’s forbidden to ride against one specific player during the individual games. Single block won’t be counted but if organization retained that a player plays not for his team but for making another one lose during the week, sanctions will be made Gameplay settings Artificial Intelligence is set to medium. Jury The organizers of the competition commit penalties. If one organizer is involved in a discipline, he cannot vote. The organizers of the same nation of the player involved will be called out from voting. Riders involved must appeal to the jury immediately after the end of the day. Decision will not be changed when the races of the following days has started. Competition Format Individual Games Riders will play individual games during the first race week according to this format Monday: Points Race (20.30), Scratch (21.15), Elimination (22.00) Tuesday: 200TT (20.30), Keirin (21.15), Sprints (22.00) Wednesday: Points Race (20.30), Scratch (21.15), Elimination (22.00) Thursday: 200TT (20.30), Keirin (21.15), Sprints (22.00) Friday: Points Race (20.30), Scratch (21.15), Elimination (22.00) Saturday: 200TT (20.30), Keirin (21.15), Sprints (22.00) Sunday: Omniums (20.30) For every competition, there are four games and four members of the team will play each evening. Is up to the captain to choose what player will play in Room A, B, C or D with a single rule: two players of different teams can play one against the other once in the same discipline. (i.e. If player A1 plays pts race with player B1 on Monday, they must be in different rooms in Wednesday and Friday). Sprints tournaments will be instead playing by one rider for each team. Every game is played at best-of-five and only the hosts can compete in it. 200TT will be played on three attempts, counting only the best one. Keirin will be played on five rounds with a 10-6-4-3-2-1 points scale, not considering IA placements. In case of more than 6 teams, additional round will be added Omnium will be played separately according to current UCI rules 1 scratch race 1 200TT attempt 1 elimination race 6 rounds points race For the first three events, first rider received 40 points, second rider received 38 points, third receive 36 points and so on For the points race event, each rider receives the double of the amount of points he scored in race Points Points are given to the teams of the first three riders for each game according to this scale. Sprint tournaments worth two times the points indicated there. Monday and Tuesday Games 1st: 5 points 2nd: 2 points 3rd: 1 point Wednesday and Thursday Games 1st: 10 points 2nd: 5 points 3rd: 2 points Friday and Saturday Games 1st: 20 points 2nd: 10 points 3rd: 5 points Omniums 1st: 50 points 2nd: 25 points 3rd: 10 points If a player does not show up, he does not take any points. Players that shows up but resign from the race take points according to the order they resign (who resign first is classified last). Tie-Breakers If, at the end, there is an equality between two players, following tie-breakers are applied in order Points race: position in last sprint Elimination race: no possibility of tie-break Scratch: no possibility of tie-break Keirin: position in last sprint Sprint: no possibility of tie-break 200TT: second best time, third best time. Additional rounds if all of three are equals Omnium: place in the final sprint of the points race (according to UCI rules §3.2.52) Team Games Riders will play team games during the second race week according to this format Monday: Points Race (20.30), Scratch (21.30) Tuesday: Elimination (20.30), Keirin (21.30) Wednesday: Omnium (20.30) Thursday: Points Race (20.30), Scratch (21.30) Friday: Elimination (20.30), Keirin (21.30) Saturday: Omnium (20.30) Sprints and 200TT are not considered, because they are not properly team games. Each game will be played using 4vs4vs4vs4 format except for Keirin that will be played 2vs2vs2 or 3vs3. If necessary, additional rounds are added. Formats Points Race Ranking is done according to the points of the best rider placed at the end of the round. In case those points are equals, last sprint place matters Scratch Ranking is done according to the placement of the best rider Elimination race Ranking is done according to the placement of the best rider Keirin Ranking is done according to the placement of the best rider. Keirin will be played on multiple rounds: the first team reaching three victories, advance (this can require up to 5 rounds in 3vs3 and up to 7 rounds in 2vs2vs2) Omnium Ranking is done according to the points of the best rider placed at the end of the round. In case those points are equals, last sprint place matters Points Points are given to the teams of the first three riders for each game according to this scale. Sprint tournaments worth two times the points indicated there. Monday and Tuesday Games 1st: 50 points 2nd: 25 points 3rd: 10 points Wednesday Omnium 1st: 100 points 2nd: 70 points 3rd: 50 points Thursday and Friday Games 1st: 100 points 2nd: 70 points 3rd: 50 points Saturday Omnium 1st: 200 points 2nd: 150 points 3rd: 100 points The final ranking by team will be awarded according to the sum of the team points obtained in the event. In case of tie-breaks, a sprints best-of-5 games between one selected member of the team involved will be played for positions. Recap for competing Subscription Module: Jerseys Uploader Module:
  5. Klinkt goed hoor, maar komt me even niet bekend voor. Laat het nog wel weten als ik het ooit op de radio lees.
  6. [Focus] Focus Songfestival 3

    Heb mijn keuze later aangepast. Was eerst voor deze gegaan:
  7. [Focus] Focus Songfestival 3

    Hm idd suig, helaas kende ik die link niet met sport.
  8. Chat & question topic

    I know. @Slomy officially told me he has no time to do this anymore. So he is out of the organisation. For @frico241 and @Eternity I dont know. @tijs02 and I have been inactive. We try to be here. My problem is that I have courses on monday and am occupied on most thursdays as well.
  9. [Focus] Focus Songfestival 3

    Dernière danse is idd een erg mooi nummer en had ik wel leuk gevonden als winnaar. En verder @Michal Kwiatek @levi ik wil de boel vooraan niet verstoren, maar ik had Liquido op 6. Ik zie mijn punten er niet bij staan. Die 5 punten zouden nogal wat uitmaken voor de uitslag.
  10. Jullie zagen het in het vorige verslag al. De transfermarkt is begonnen. Veel contracten moeten nog verlengd worden. Wel denken we niet verder te gaan met Cháves. Hoewel hij goedkoop was, komt er wel budget vrij voor interessante renners. We hopen vooral ons team te verbreden en te verbeteren op kasseien en tijdritten. Ook willen we de Braziliaanse identiteit houden. De afname in kwaliteit nemen we voor lief. Aangezien Portugezen en Brazilianen de taal al goed spreken lijkt ons de Portugese nationaliteit geen probleem.
  11. (Raceday 11) Scratch + Elimination

    hebben jullie iets gespeeld?
  12. 51 15 Feed the Dada Dada Life electro 2012 52 20 Groove Machine My Own System future 2015 53 46 Dancing in my head Avicii ft. Eric Turner pop progressive 2012 54 145 Rubik Distrion & Electro Light progressive 2015 55 - Let it be now Tobu & William Ekh ft. Brenton Mattheus progressive 2016 56 37 After Life Tchami ft. Stacy Barthe future 2015 57 - Hystereo Armin Van Buuren trance 2014 58 90 No Way Out Vicetone ft. Kat Nestel progressive 2015 59 27 I Found You Axwell ft. Max'C electro 2007 60 - Eagles Gson & Abley ft. Todd Michael Schultz melodic 2015 Met afstand mijn favoriete nummer van Armin van Buuren. I Need You, Great Spirit en Save my Night zijn ook best aardig, maar dit house/trance-achtige nummer steekt er wel bovenuit. Een nummer dat motiveert zoals een trance nummer dat hoort te doen. Natuurlijk is het niet zoals de 'echte' trance waarbij de overgangen nog veel geleidelijker lopen en de nummers vaak een minuut of 10 zijn. Voor meer van dit soort nummers beveel ik Andrew Rayel aan. Met nummers als 'Chased' en 'Winterburn'. Een rustig begin, daarna wat vocals met iets te veel autotune, maar die melodie daarna: @Danny @Tijn @Mark0174 volgens mij ooit door jullie gemaakt in maak 't of kraak 't.
  13. We will play the delayed cratch today. Together with the elimination. It will be 1 manch of scratch and 2 manches of elimination. I hope there will be enough players for this part of PCM. @tijs02