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  1. Giro 2019

    Niet gezien vandaga maar gisteren daalde Roglic beter dan Nibali. Nibali geforceerd proberen weg te rijden. Landa zat keurig in zijn wiel en Lopez moest een gaatje laten. Toen Roglic Lopez voorbij was sprong hij dat gat zo dicht. Net een ski-springer. Blijft een mooi onderdeel van de sport dat dalen. Capecchi rijdt ook lekker omlaag.
  2. Giro 2019

    Nu Carapaz roze heeft moet hij dus op 2 focussen. Landa en Lopez zullen ze dus wel een paar min geven de komende etappes.
  3. Giro 2019

    Ik snap de tactiek van Bahrein niet. Caruso werkt zo hard maar wat heeft het voor zin?
  4. Division 2 – Cadel Evans Great Ocean Race The season starts in Australia. 4 riders are in the attack: Fluijtenaerts (BEL), Izurria (COL), Punjal (IND) and Wing (CHI). The 4 work together pretty well and it’s mainly Trinidad&Tobago, Finland and Great Britain that control the peloton. The 4 seem to not make any chance against the peloton that is motivated to make it a bunch sprint. Also Iran and Norway started to help in the chase. The 4 were caught and we are heading towards a mass sprint. There were sprinttrains by Trinidad&Tobago, Finland and Great Britain. Zaphew (GBR) did a good job as lead-out for Jackford (GBR), but Saikkas (FIN) had a better timing. Finland wins this classic. Division 2 – Tirreno Adriatico Stage 1 A team time trial. And as we got used to, domination by the Swiss team! Congratz Switserland! Stage 2 There is a large breakaway group today. 13 riders, so I would definitely give them a chance. It was Güciglu (TUR) that won the mountain sprint. With 60k to go, Fu (CHI) who was in the breakaway hit the road. The full breakwaway fell down. This was for Trinidad & Tobago the sign that there was a chance to take the breakaway back. They started chasing together with Finland. When the last attacker Kashguday (KAZ) was back in the peloton we could prepare for a final stage after a long and hard day. Vainston (TTO) did the lead-out for Phillian (TTO). Nobody managed to beat the Trinidad&Tobagan rider. Stage 3 The first mountain stage! What will this steep final climb bring? The rest of the stage is flat, so the pure climbers have the chance to show us what they’ve got. The only two brave guys for today were FLuijtenaerts (BEL) and Kumad (IND). It were mostly Norway, Trinidad & Tobago and Switzerland that were relaying in the peloton. When the final climb starts, the two are back. Hvilland (NOR) is setting the pace in the peloton. Attack by Ashbami (IRN)! Vogdarvan (CZE-SVK) is chasing and takes the lead. He seems very strong today, but Trolhus (NOR) is bringing back a group with several other climbers such as Christiansen (DEN), Czepavan (CZE-SVK), Fiel (GER), Seng (CHI) and Haivinen (FIN). ‘ Fiel an Vogarvan were sprinting for the stage victory. It was a close finish but at the end the victory went to Fiel! Stage 4 Today will be a hard day, because there are a lot of short steep hills in the stage. The 6 riders in the breakaway Bouko (CIV), Brandsen (DEN), Cohen (ISR), Vieira (POR), Varjasevic (SLO-CRO) and Kumad (IND) made use of the hard profile of the stage. It will be a fight between the breakaway-riders for the stage victory. In the peloton an attack by Tourette (SWI), the 19th in classification. Raschke, Bergmann, and FIel (GER) started to chase the Swiss rider. Pazzetti (SWI), Wacklebold (TTO) and Rezaideh (IRN) joined the German trio. In the small roads of the Italian city Fermo, Brandsen won the stage. In the peloton Tourette and Fiel were the strongest today. Stage 5 Fiel is pretty safe in the ranking. The short time trial won’t chance anything to that. The rest of the GC is pretty close to eachother. The stage victory went to Rogarins (LAT), who beated Izurria (COL) and Kashguday (KAZ). Fiel could ride his 10k time trial relaxed, knowing he would win this Tirreno Adriatico! Division 2 – E3 11 riders in the attack: Mushanikow (KAZ), Wallstrup (DEN), Trolhus (NOR), Izurria (COL), Northton (GBR), Troissent (BEL), Serili (IRN), Haivinen (FIN), Bergmann (DEN), Naurags (LAT) and Emschkasvili (GEO). Trinidad&Tobago, Switzerland and China are not in the group in front. They have confidence in their leaders Vainston (TTO), Oskarsson (SWI) and Ping (CHI). These 3 teams in red take control in the peloton. They have difficulties controlling the peloton and keeping the speed high, because the peloton keeps splitting in several parts. There is few cooperation in the peloton and this gives the breakaway a chance. 7 riders manage to stay in front and on the last hill, Troissent (BEL) also needs to let the others go. The 6 attackers of the day are going to sprint for victory. Emschkasvili is the first one that starts sprinting, but Izurria the Bask time trial specialist counters and takes the first position. Izurria wins this E3 and takes important points for Colombia. In the ranking Germany, Trinidad & Tobago and Finland are doing quite well. FOr full ranking: C.Evans Great Ocean Race 1 Peter Saikkas Finland 3h58'22 12 2 Luke Jackford Great Britain s.t. 10 3 Mauricio Raquetas Lithuania s.t. 8 4 Jorge Phillian Trinidad & Tobago s.t. 7 5 Shahal Hashnakadam Iran s.t. 6 6 Sahfa Serili Iran s.t. 5 7 Johir Pejzavar Slovenia-Croatia s.t. 4 8 Axel Vlugten Belgium s.t. 3 9 Ralf Kölzbaum Germany s.t. 2 10 David Gregorson Denmark s.t. 1 Tirreno Adriatico Stage 1 1 Swiss 29'17 29'17 (1) 5 2 Trinidad & Tobago + 8 + 8 (2) 3 3 Division 3 (EST,UAE) + 13 + 13 (3) 2 4 Germany + 15 + 15 (4) 1 5 Belgium + 16 + 16 (5) 6 Norway + 19 + 19 (6) Stage 2 1 Jorge Phillian Trinidad & Tobago 4h27'02 5 2 Peter Saikkas Finland s.t. 3 3 David Gregorson Denmark s.t. 2 4 Hector Tapis Latvia s.t. 1 5 Luke Jackford Great Britain s.t. 6 Mauricio Raquetas Lithuania + 22 Stage 3 1 Ludowig Fiel Germany 5h04'14 5 2 Dennis Vogdarvan Czechia-Slovakia s.t. 3 3 Trond Haivinen Finland + 12 2 4 Fong Seng China + 19 1 5 Kristian Trolhus Norway s.t. 6 Poznek Czepavan Czechia-Slovakia + 46 Stage 4 1 Anders Brandsen Denmark 5h16'06 5 2 Amar Cohen Israel + 40 3 3 Ludowig Fiel Germany + 49 2 4 Jules Tourette Swiss s.t. 1 5 Ivory Cost Bouko Division 3 + 1'01 6 Adam Varjasevic Slovenia-Croatia s.t. Stage 5 1 Anders Rogarins Latvia 12'24 5 2 Aketza Izurria Colombia + 3 3 3 Alexey Kashguday Kazachstan + 4 2 4 Ingrad Vieira Portugal s.t. 1 5 Aquarella Brughini Swiss + 5 6 Gregor Grähl Swiss s.t. GC 1 Ludowig Fiel Germany 15h30'36 12 2 Dennis Vogdarvan Czechia-Slovakia + 1'42 10 3 Daniel Wacklebold Trinidad & Tobago + 1'55 8 4 Khaleza Ashbami Iran + 2'07 7 5 Jules Tourette Swiss + 2'17 6 6 Kristian Trolhus Norway + 2'21 5 7 Poznek Czepavan Czechia-Slovakia + 2'23 4 8 Fong Seng China s.t. 3 9 Löwik Christiansen Denmark + 2'28 2 10 Trond Haivinen Finland s.t. 1 11 Mehdi Rezaideh Iran + 2'54 12 Ono Puikänen Finland + 3'15 13 Turkey Ogüzan Division 3 + 3'22 14 Jesse Bronze Trinidad & Tobago + 3'38 15 Jeppe Noft Herben Denmark + 3'47 Points 1 India Kumad Division 3 65 3 2 Anders Rogarins Latvia 62 2 3 Ferrado Gafigues Portugal 59 1 Mountain 1 Anders Brandsen Denmark 27 3 2 Amar Cohen Israel 25 2 3 India Kumad Division 3 22 1 E3 1 Aketza Izurria Colombia 4h45'02 12 2 Georgia Emkashvili Division 3 s.t. 10 3 Adolf Bergmann Germany s.t. 8 4 James Northton Great Britain s.t. 7 5 Trond Haivinen Finland s.t. 6 6 Gustsav Mushanikow Kazachstan s.t. 5 7 Martin Tejevar Slovenia-Croatia + 1'28 4 8 Tom Vainston Trinidad & Tobago s.t. 3 9 Antoine Fluijtenaerts Belgium s.t. 2 10 India Kumad Division 3 s.t. 1 11 Orvar Oskarssohn Swiss s.t. 12 Yaimen Ping China s.t. 13 Mauricio Raquetas Lithuania s.t. 14 India Punjal Division 3 s.t. 15 Akris Lakostas Lithuania s.t. @wielermannetje @Stefanvk @aron24 @Amez @yannicwkp @RubenS @SeanSchleck @Cyril @jelskie1 @levi @DemoN @tijs02 @Taz @Lehmay @Mark1987
  5. Lekker nummer Dahls! Ik denk dat die van Lehmay gaat winnen deze ronde
  6. Giro 2019

    Pfoe, volgens mij onderstreep je met dit punt dat het lang geleden is dat het zo saai was
  7. Giro 2019

    Hey ik wil niet negatief zijn maar deze Giro faalt en ik zie het niet spannend worden overgebleven ritten. In de TdF met Froome, Thomas, Bernal ook niet. Hoop dat Roglic vandaag nog zonder grote blessure uitvalt en samen met Dumoulin Ineos gaat aanvallen in de Tour en dat Quintana weer gaat knallen bergop.
  8. World Championship TTT This year’s world cup is held in Italy. All first division teams and the three best teams of division 2 will compete (Germany, Czechia-Slovakia, Denmark). Next to a lake in Trentino, we will do the short Team Time Trial, the best team in this discipline will be determined. It is only 11,5km. The first starter is former-worldchampion TTT Poland’ and they immediately set the bar high.’ Sweden is always one of the favourties in time trials. This year they managed to do exaclty 1 second better than the Polish squad. Are they gonna win? No, France is the surprise of the day and the French take the lead. Brazil, the team of last year’s worldchampion ITT, Pairles de Souza (BRA) is a threat for the French, but Brasil just sets the 5th time. Victoire for France! World Championship ITT Argentina never did well at time trials and neither do they this year. Good results were rather set by riders like Quizzello (ITA), Lapeland (SWD) and Khristokin (UKR). The Italian seemed to be on his way to be world champion ITT in his own country but at the end 3 pure specialists Mosuya (ERI), Paireles de Souza (BRA) and Wendqvist (SWD) did better. Wendqvist wins the championship and the rainbow jersey. World Championship Road The other rainbow jersey can be won in the World Cup Road. This year the stage is flat and the finish is a little but uphill, so there are chances for sprinters. Favourites of today? I would go for either Strevniakov (RUS) or Mavrek (POL). Strevniak already won the world championship some years ago. 3 riders in the breakaway, Troshkov (RUS), Guajerado (ESP) and Wallstrup (DEN). Masso (ARG) also intended to join but he fell back on the first climb. In the first descent there were falls by Wolves (AUS) and Alfredo Ballón (MEX), but their teammates brought them back. The peloton became quite chaotic. It broke several times which gave the breakaway more chance. In the meantime Wallstrup left the other two behind. Now it is Wallstrup against the peloton led by Australia and Ukrain. Wallstrup, first year rider by Denmark is strong and he holds on. He takes the victory! In the background it were punchers and sprinters in the peloton that dominated the final sprint. WC TTT 1 France France 13'51 (1) 4 2 Sweden Sweden + 2 (2) 2 3 Poland Poland + 3 (3) 1 4 Euskadi Euskadi + 6 (4) 5 Brazil Brazil + 6 (5) 6 Russia Russia + 6 (6) 7 Italy Italy + 6 (7) 8 Austria Austria + 7 (8) 9 Netherlands Netherlands + 8 (9) 10 Mexico Mexico + 9 (10) WC ITT 1 Rodar Wendqvist Sweden 18'57 4 2 Cauchar Paireles De Souza Brazil + 9 2 3 Daniël Mosuya Eritrea + 10 1 4 Giovanni Quizzello Italy s.t. 5 Erik Låpeland Sweden + 11 6 Löwik Christiansen Denmark s.t. 7 Janastasio Khristokin Ukrain + 12 8 Remy Rouiville France + 13 9 Vadvaney Troshkov Russia + 14 10 Quintin Cateau France s.t. WC Road 1 Halling Wallstrup Denmark 3h36'53 4 2 Yoshi Nagutchi Japan + 12 2 3 Romard Malongay Eritrea s.t. 1 4 Luvin Kapuchov Ukrain s.t. 5 Yomas Pryvatchuk Ukrain s.t. 6 Jake Wolves Australia s.t. 7 Hans Leizberger Austria s.t. 8 Luis Alfredo Ballón Mexico s.t. 9 Dyalystok Eschev Ukrain s.t. 10 Aurelien Dexismeux France s.t. What do you expect from this season? What are your favourites for the season? Division 2 *** Czechia-Slovakia ** China, Trinidad & Tobago * Denmark, Germany, Switzerland Division 1 *** Poland ** Canada, Italy * Russia, Spain, Netherlands @wielermannetje @Stefanvk @aron24 @Amez @yannicwkp @RubenS @SeanSchleck @Cyril @jelskie1 @levi @DemoN @tijs02 @Taz @Lehmay @Mark1987 jullie hebben tot 23 mei om een trade contract van een jaar te tekenen en een developmentteam te kiezen.
  9. Nee. Als je ze wilt houden moet je een dev team kopen.Een dev team en ** voor Kriegwein kost €3500. Wil je dat doen?
  10. @wielermannetje @Stefanvk @aron24 @Amez @yannicwkp @RubenS @SeanSchleck @Taz @Lehmay @jelskie1 @levi @DemoN @tijs02 - Trade contracts Het laatste trade contract is een jaar geldig. Dit jaar mogen jullie deze vervangen. Een trade agreement is nodig om een bepaalde nationaliteit in je team te krijgen. Zweden mag bijvoorbeeld geen Fransen kopen, omdat ze France niet als trade agreement hebben. Als Zweden France kiest en France kiest Zweden, dan is transfers doen gratis. Dit geldt voor de selectie van volgend seizoen. Je mag ieder land kiezen. - Developmentteam Een developmentteam kost €2000 en bestaat altijd uit 5 renners. Per renner mag je kiezen uit: - no support (€0 per renner) - * scout/trainer support €750 per renner) - ** scout/trainer support (€1500 per renner) - *** scout/trainer support (€2500 per renner) Je mag ervoor kiezen om je huidige renners te behouden, dan vul ik ze aan tot 5. Fill in:
  11. @wielermannetje @Stefanvk @aron24 @Amez @yannicwkp @RubenS @SeanSchleck @Taz @Lehmay @jelskie1 @levi @DemoN @tijs02 willen jullie je hoofdteam zo snel mogelijk compleet maken? Dus welke 6 renners je in je hoofdteam wilt volgend jaar. De eerste wedstrijden.komen er dan al snel aan. De kalender is bekend. Vanavond de aankondiging over het kopen van opleidingsteam en het tekenen van een nieuw trade contract.
  12. Giro 2019

    Bouhanni zou hiervoor wrs uit de Giro worden gezet en bijvoorbaat ook al uit de Giro van volgend jaar.
  13. @tijs02 zie pm. Wat vind je van het bod van Canada op Hérard?
  14. Minimaal €4500 @SeanSchleck Duitsland @Taz biedt 2500 voor Kölzbaum
  15. @Amez Portugal geeft €5000 voor Abreu @Lehmay €5000 voor Ibardo?
  16. Deadline is dinsdag. Je moet akkoorden hebben met de nationaditeit van de renner die je wilt kopen. Verder mag je onderhandelen met de managers van dit forums of anders via mij. Luxumburg biedt €1500 voor Chiruffo
  17. Oostenrijk geeft aan dat ze geen transfers gaan doen Klopt. Portugal accepteert het bod
  18. Hm vond deze heel moeilijk. Nummers in een genre waar ik normaal niet van houd vond ik wel goed klinken en nummers in een genre waar ik normaal wel van houd vielen wat tegen.
  19. Litouwen biedt niet meer dan €1500 voor Corál. Baskenland kan geen Argentijnen kopen. Hoeveel kost Fernanda?
  20. Luxumburg is akkoord met €2000 voor Weuerstadt. Heb het doorgegeven aan Yellow Jersey.
  21. Wielerdocu's