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  1. Version 17 Added support for PCM16 Savegames for PCM16 can now be loaded with the PCM Career Explorer. New screen: See cyclist's results for each year for a specific race Via the Race menu -> Cyclist year-by-year results you can now see how a cyclist did in a specific race over the years. Like this you can easily see how a cyclist did in that specific race over the past years, or see how a young talent is evolving and getting closer and closer every year to winning that big event. New mode: Sideline Team Sideline team is a mode I developed so you can play a career in "spectator mode". In 5 easy steps your game will be setup so you can view all the races in 3D you want without you having to takeover or take control of a good team. Step 1: you'll be put in charge of the weakest team in the database (non U23) so the impact on the savegame is very small. (you don't want to sacrifice a protour team offcourse) Step 2: You'll be given 30 cyclists (all called 'Fake Cyclist') of different nationalitites (to support viewing the national championships in 3D) with just below average stats (good enough to finish within time limit, but not to good so they don't get any results, after all these fake cyclists are just here so you can view races). The cyclists are also automatically signed until the year 2040. Step 3: You can select from what team you want to copy the race calendar. This are the races that you'll be able to view in 3D. Step 4: Take over the worst national team: just like in step 1 the tool will put you in charge of the worst national team. This way you can view the world championships and the negative impact on your savegame is small because the cyclists of your national team probably won't have had any chances on winning. Step 5: run this option a few times during the season, because your bad sideline team will be added to alot of races it normally wouldn't compete in, some races can have to much teams subscribed. this option automatically fixes the races with to much subscriptions by removing the worst team (not your sideline team offcourse) The main difference between this mode and with taking over a good team and putting all cyclists on automatic is that in thise "sideline team" mode you have 0 impact on the race, you are a true spectator. the automatic mode in cycling manager is flawed, it does not thread player cyclists the same way it does with AI cyclists altough they are put on automatic. (and the TT automatic option is just plain stupid, and there isn't even an automatic mode for TTT). For those interested in using this feature, I would suggest that in single stage races you abandon all your cyclists at the start of the race (dot, 0%) and in stage races you put them on Keep position 99% and remove the sidepanel with "F2". (you cannot abandon your fake cyclists in a stage race, because if all your cyclists are abandoned, the 3D race will crash).
  2. Zou je dit dan per seizoen of over heel de carrière willen zien? over heel de carrière wordt wat complex (daarom niet onmogelijk) omdat je dan per jaar ook moet gaan kijken welke renners nu juist voor welk team reden en dat die berekening wel kan doen vertragen.
  3. Version 16 Snapshots to retain retired cyclists & removed results A new feature has been added that each time you load a savegame (with pcm career explorer) a snapshot is taken. This way results of previous season, record holders, ... stay intact and don't contain gaps when a cyclist retires. Retired cyclists that are removed from the game will still be visible in the PCMCE tool and their entiry palmares and history will be visible and apart from their stats their entire profile as well. The full stage result of the entire year will also be visible (if you load the game at least every two months with the tool). So in december you will still see every single stage result of the Giro and the "Summary" screen with the stage-by-stage evolution. Note: if you activate this feature, the savegame will be updated to assign it a "unique id"so the tool recognizes the savegame each time you load it. It's recomended to create a backup first. Added new columns to transfer view In the transfer screen, the view of free riders has been updated with Average, Age and Country columns to help you better select what cyclists are interesting for you to attract.
  4. Version 15.2 New screen: Transfer Helper A new overview screen that helps you doing your transfers and manage your budget. it shows you an overview of the current state, the cyclists that have signed a new contract, cyclists that you offered a new contract, cyclist that are about to leave, or already signed another team, and a new summary of how your team salary expenses and averages will look like if all offers would get accepted. With this screen you can easily manage how much transfer budget you'll have left (if you want to keep it the same) and how much cyclist you still need to sign/let go and what the effet of your transfers is on the average rating/age of your team. New modifier: Assign national champion A easy-to-use overview screen of all countries that have cyclists but no national champion. You can assign them manually or use the "random" button. The random button is not entirly random, but uses the average ratings of the cyclists. the better they are, the higher chance they get selected as national champion Loading of PCM11 & PCM12 savegames now supported Officialy I don't want to put to much energy in supporting PCM11 & PCM12 savegames, but saves from those 2 PCM games can now also be loaded (At least the 2 test saves I got from community members) Not all features will work, but alot of them do work.
  5. Version 15.1 New team overview page A new overview page for each team where you can see general information, the season best results, the major transfers and the season records. Team pages with new navigation Just like the RACE & CYCLIST pages, the TEAM pages now have a new navigation bar so you can easily switch between the different pages of the same team. Links activated in cyclist profile page The links in the cyclist profile page to the races in the section "best career results" are now activated.
  6. Version 15 Added Media Content container for each race/year Ever wanted to see that special screenshots you took for a certain race, wanted to find back that shot you took of the narrow sprint that took place last year on the champs elysees, or just wanted to organize your screenshots, documents and race reports: A new screen is added for races. You can now drag & drop screenshots, excel-, word- or text-documents onto the PCM explorer to link them to a certain race & year. This way you can organize your screenshots, reports or any other documents related to a race. You can easily go back to a race and see all documents or screenshots attached to it, filtered by year. (this option is not linked to a certain savegame for the moment, because I'm trying to find a way to identify what save you've loaded, and I don't want to base it on the filename. for now if you add content for "Giro - 2015" it will show it in all the saves you load and check "Giro-2015") Added new cyclist profile screen There is a new cyclist overview screen that gives you more information then the cyclist popup screen and shows you alot of information about the cyclist on one single page. Added new Race Overview screen A new screen where you have all the general information about a race in one single view, together with the results of the current year and the results of previous years. Added search in top navigation bar You can now search for any race, team or cyclist from the top navigation bar by just typing the name. hitting enter will bring you to the detail page of the race/team/cyclist. The textbox also presents you "suggestions" while you are typing. Updated Cyclist Navigation When you're in a cyclist detail screen, you can now easily navigate between the different cyclist detail screens of that same cyclist (palmares, history, profile, planning). Updated Race Navigation When you're in the detail screen of a race you can now easily navigate between the different race detail screens of the same race (Overview, Results, History, Summary, Planned cyclists, Cyclists with that race as objective) Updated dropdownlists with suggestions The cyclist and race dropdownboxes have been tuned so they now give you suggestions while you are typing, so you can easily navigate to other cyclists/races. Added nationality in U23 screen In the grid with all U23 cyclists there is a new column added so you can now see the cyclist's country. Fixed bug with averages Fixed bug with average and team average calculations on systems with "." as default decimal seperator. Added resistance and baroudeur the resistance and baroudeur (Attack) stat are now visible in the new cyclist profile screen. In the cyclist popup screen the baroudeur stat is also added
  7. komt voor mekaar
  8. Ik zal het in de volgende release steken, kan wel nog paar dagen duren want ben bezig met wat andere dingen erin te steken ook
  9. Das de baroudeur stat zeker? ik zal hem toevoegen
  10. Zopas uitgebracht die een aanzienlijke verbetering in laadtijd zou moeten hebben tov van versie 14.
  11. A little present just before the weekend, 1 new modifier, 2 new overview screens and some usefull links added: Version 14 New Modifier: Update contract length of staff Also tired of having to renew your staff's contract so many times, or be 3 months in the new season and see that you have no trainers because their contract was ended last season? With the new modifier (found under modifiers -> team) you can now update the contract end of all your staff with 1 click, and even give them a +10 year contract so you never need to worry anymore. New Screen: Country Overview You can now see a general summary page per country where you see the best three cyclists per role, you can see the champions of that country, you can see the three most promosing youngsters of that country with their best potential role and you can see who the best cyclists of that country are in terms of palmares (wins, gt stages, classics and season wins) New Screen: World Overview Same of the above but without country filter. So you see the best cyclists per role, most promosing cyclists in the world, world champion and champion ITT, and the best cyclists palmares-wise. Extra links You can now click on country & teamname in the cyclist popup. the country will bring you to the country overview screen, the team will bring you to the team roster. the same two links have been activated on top of the cyclists report page
  12. Ja, vanals je dit aanpast is de moeilijkheid ook veranderd in het spel. Als je echter de aanpassing doet terwijl het spel openstaat zal het geen invloed hebben totdat je de game herstart.
  13. Version 13.2 New screen: Create custom difficulty levels You can now finetune the difficulty levels in PCM. Is Extreme to easy for you? is Normal to easy, but hard to difficult? No problem, you just create your own finetuned difficulty level to suit your personal needs Finetuned Favorite calculations Update favorite calculations when alot of people are very close to eachother Options should be saved after update From now on the options you've selected should remain the same after an automatic update is done
  14. Ok, ik zal het eens bekijken. Ik kan het je niet garanderen dat het werkt want ik moet de local.cdb uitlezen hiervoor en dat kan mogelijks anders werken dan een gewoon savegame. Ik kan je wel uitleggen hoe je manueel met de "full editor" de local.cdb aanpast om het moeilijkheidsniveau aan te passen
  15. Volgens mij is het aanpassen tijdens de wedstrijd helaas niet mogelijk.