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  1. General classification

    @Slomy please update the gc
  2. (Raceday 7) MSR & AGR

    i m online who will hosts?
  3. Chat & question topic

    guys we will play tonight or not?
  4. Transfermarket - Picking riders

    Great choice by evert
  5. Transfermarket - Picking riders

    je deteste @gesink1 ouai ouai
  6. Transfermarket - Picking riders

    honestly not i was thinking about bringing pinoryienka
  7. Transfermarket - Picking riders

    Kiryienka signed for mercatone uno
  8. Transfermarket - Picking riders

    can batyuci choice now or he skip as last? @Jeis
  9. Subscription teams

    Pcm name : pierociaca Tean Name : mercatone uno (pls short name in db will be "PIE") Team Shirt : Nationallity of your team : italian
  10. appel is it possible to change choice of scout if after cycling trade i will have some milion in excess?