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  1. Chat & question topic

    @Messi we miss you. Don't u have pcm2017?
  2. General classification

    @tijs02 @Jeis we need an update
  3. La Vuelta raceday 21

    my moreno is third ex aequo with porte in sprint classification
  4. Binckbank trofee (Raceday 15)

    in this week end i will give you all the screen i got
  5. Elimination (Raceday 17)

    what do u mean jeis?
  6. Chat & question topic

    I will share my team with another player for this end of season. I am searching for a teammate @Jeis, @tijs02
  7. Binckbank trofee (Raceday 15)

  8. Elimination (Raceday 17)

  9. Elimination (Raceday 17)

  10. Elimination (Raceday 17)

  11. Chat & question topic

    If u lost all users is not my blame
  12. Chat & question topic

    ok cancel the event. Or let someone other to take the lead of organization of it if u cannot
  13. Binckbank trofee (Raceday 15)

    I ll put the results here and talk with you tonight (23h00) if u want
  14. Chat & question topic

    @Eternity, @tijs02, @Jeis, @frico241, @Slomy i am hosting the binckbank tour but i am too sad. How do u pretend to organize an event without being there? we are playing in 4(me enreda mccormick and gesink). If u have not interest on continue this career please cancel it and let us play in a better way having some fun. i have to play forced because of a ranking that nobody in organization care. it s a totaal non-sense
  15. General classification

    updated ranking after E3 and LBL 1/ Mercatone Uno (513p)-PIEROCIACA 2/ Todocable (433p)-ENREDA 3/ Euskaltel (425p)-MARK1987 4/ Mapei - Volkswagen (319p)-EDOX 5/ Mangialamiapolvere (300p)-DAVI 6/ Illes Baleares (270p)-EVERT 7/ Rabobank (241p)-GESINK 8/ Tripeiros (239p)-BADBOYTRIPEIRO 9/ Team Teka (199p)-MCCORMICK 10/Sporting Derg (176p)TIJS 11/ Team Rwanda Cycling (170p)-JEIS 12/ Olympique Floxing (59p)-FLOXING 13/ Team Guinness (48p)SLOMY 14/ Cofidis (33p)-LUON 15/ Rimac Automobil (5p)-ZAPATAH99 Pls control if it is correct guys