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  1. General classification

    @Jeis @tijs02 what the fuck u do instead to post the ranking of this shit season? i won it and i want my key when next pcm will comes
  2. tournament

    @Nvdb has the right to play directly the final without playoff (if he Will subscribe) because he won the tdf by Champions League this summer, and he got enough "uci points" to be in top 6
  3. General classification

    about what thursday was u talking about @Jeis?
  4. Chat & question topic

    @Messi we miss you. Don't u have pcm2017?
  5. General classification

    @tijs02 @Jeis we need an update
  6. La Vuelta raceday 21

    my moreno is third ex aequo with porte in sprint classification
  7. Binckbank trofee (Raceday 15)

    in this week end i will give you all the screen i got
  8. Elimination (Raceday 17)

    what do u mean jeis?
  9. Chat & question topic

    I will share my team with another player for this end of season. I am searching for a teammate @Jeis, @tijs02
  10. Binckbank trofee (Raceday 15)

  11. Elimination (Raceday 17)

  12. Elimination (Raceday 17)

  13. Elimination (Raceday 17)

  14. Chat & question topic

    If u lost all users is not my blame
  15. Chat & question topic

    ok cancel the event. Or let someone other to take the lead of organization of it if u cannot