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  1. I agree with you, that's why for me the most fair option is the option 4
  2. Tricolors didn't vote yet, Portugal either and for kakson it's tijs who during the game repeated that it was a fake final
  3. If the organization keeps his stupid decison about reschedule the team road tour in 19th june we dont know (and we never know because their wont be anybody to play) If not it's denmark
  4. Edox we dont want to win unfairly but yesterday you reschedulded the final for tonight and 1 minute after the supposed start you fuck us and tell we play next week that's just non sense
  5. Maybe warn us earlier next time, not 1 min before the event
  6. Don't play tonight is their decision (I understand it tho), either they play either they got no points, it's just non sense to give them the 5th place.
  7. I think everyone were on the same boat and anyway it doesn't affect so much
  8. Allright
  9. I mean during the year, not necessarily right after the wc
  10. A bit off topic but do you think there will be some track events after this WC (and like before the next one ;p) ?
  11. No one streams the final because belgium and village are in small final so no streamers in the big
  12. I think every time I see you